Custom Made Orthotics

Foot, ankle and sole are made of complex and small bones, which can suffer from several

 problems due to muscle and joint misalignments. To relieve patients from chronic pain due to such problems, we offer custom made Orthotics.

These easy to use, pre-made orthotic inserts can be used with your normal footwear without giving you any trouble during walking and other physical activities involving your feet. Orthotics help to restore normal balance and support your feet. Our team of chiropractors performs a biomechanical evaluation of your feet to create foam molds which are then sent to an Orthotic lab, where your custom made orthotic insert is created.

Cityview helps treat the following health issues using Orthotics:

  • Localized Foot Pain
  • Bunions & Hammer Toes
  • Arch & Heel Pain
  • Leg & Knee Pain
  • Hip, Back & Even Neck Pain

To know more about our Orthotics services, please reach out to us at 905-553-4499 or visit us during our working hours at 551 Cityview Blvd, Woodbridge, Ontario.

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