Geriatric care

Seniors’ health and wellness are a matter of concern at all times. The Cityview Medical Centre offers comprehensive assessments for medically complex elderly patients. Our experienced and considerate team of doctors and staff not just treats but also listens and cares for your health needs.

Our family physicians have years of experience with elderly patients. Our medical center helps patients access medical services, provide support for personal needs and identify care gaps that need to be addressed. We also offer Seniors Discount on our services and pharmacy.

Our team can assess for a range of geriatric medical, social, and psychological concerns such as:

  • Safety (hazards, medications)
  • Function and mobility (falls, transportation)
  • Health and nutrition (diet, pain control, chronic disease management)
  • Mental health (cognitive function, depression)
  • Psychosocial issues (family support, abuse/neglect)

If you have an elderly person at home or know of someone who might need the help, please feel free to call us at 905-553-4499 or Visit us at our medical center at 551 Cityview Blvd, Woodbridge.

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