Sexual Health / STI Advice and Screening

Everyone has the right to a healthy sexual life and to be educated about it. Sexually transmitted infections are quite common and treatable in most cases. since they are easily passed from person to person, one needs to observe a strict sexual hygiene.  

Cityview Medical Centre is a family practice and walk-in medical centre for sexual health care. We have highly qualified staff who can answer your doubts and guide you to a better sexual and reproductive health. Due to various reasons, some people may be symptom-free and unaware of being infected, hence its imperative that people with an active sexual life keep visiting an STI clinic for regular check ups.

Cityview offers diagnosis and treatment for sexually transmitted infections as per public health recommendations.

At Cityview Medical Centre, we take your privacy very seriously. All your information is kept completely confidential, protected under Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). To schedule an appointment with our trained staff, contact us on 905-553-4499.